The small hamlet of Mognori is reached on an unpaved stretch of road starting in Larabanga and continuing north after the Mole Park turnoff.

You can tour this recently electrified village with its welcoming residents and typical savana architecture. It is a designated "Eco-Village", consciously maintaining many traditional practices consistent with environmental balance while at the same time seeking to provide opportunties for its young people to develop their potential in a changing world.

As a river village, Mognori historically lived from fishing, hunting and, of course, agriculture. The town has a long tradition of herbal medicine. During your visit you can learn more about these specific practices. Shea nut butter is also produced here and you will have the opportunity to understand how this is done.

An exhibition of traditional Mognori dancing can be arranged as well. Please provide at least a one day advance notice if you would like to witness the dancing.

A few minutes walk takes you to the banks of a branch of  the White Volta River, where there is a docking point for river excursions. The excusion lasts about an hour. Birdlife is abundant and there is some chance of seeing larger animals. If you would like to take a guided excursion in a small boat holding up to 5 people, you can arrange to extend your Mognori visit.

Both the river trip and the dancing can also be booked separately but we do recommend combining one or both of these activities with the village tour.

Consult our contact page for Mognori tour details.