LECLARA currently offers a variety of different tours with trained local guides. On both, you will learn much about the history and traditions of the village as well as having an opportunity to meet residents in their home settings. You must book the "All-inclusive" tour in advance but otherwise you will almost always find a trained, local guide in Larabanga when you arrive for a tour you decide upon. Transportation to and from Larabanga can also be provided. However, we do recommend that you arrange your visit in advance: contact the LECLARA organizers.

Full Community Tour

This is a 2-hour tour in the center of Larabanga, including, of course, the Mosque and the Mystic Stone. You will visit a Shea butter workshop and learn how this product is made.

Walking among residential building and courtyards, you will get a a good idea of daily life in the town. Visit local homes and observe villagers as they prepare traditional meals. There's a stopover at a shea butter processor. The guides will explain what you see and generally the villagers will be more than happy to exchange greetings and a few words with you. And there's no problem taking all the photos you want to remind you of this very special visit.

Ancient Mosque and Mystic Stone Tour

On this 1-hour excursion you will visit the two principal tourist attractions in Larabanga. The long history of Larabanga is intimately tied to the the mosque and the shrine. Only Muslims to actually enter the Mosque but you can certainly get a glimpse of the inside. The LECLARA guides will fill you in with all the details of what is considered the holiest site of Islam in the country.

All-inclusive 3-night, 2-day tour in and around Larabanga

Get to know Larabanga and the surrounding area in the company of an experienced guide. Enjoy safaris (walking, jeep) in Mole National Park, take a canoe safari on the White Volga and meet the people of the Eco-Village of Mognori. Included are accomodations in the Mole Park Hotel, all meals and transportation to and from Tamale.
This tour must be arranged in advance.