Dancing is part of life in Larabanga.

Village celebrations are occasions for dances.

Exhibitions of dancing, which last about 90 minutes, can be arranged at most any time -- even on short notice -- for a single person or a group of any size.

If you would like to witness a performance of the village troupe, it's as easy as a quick phone call.
Transportation between Larabanga and Mole, Damongo (or elsewhere)  can be provided if you do not have your own vehicle.

Here you can watch a traditional dance at one of the local festivities:


This dance is traditional  for the Kamara people of Larabanga.

It is a special dance performed when an an important figure of the town passes on. The dancing goes on for 7 days with the purpose of entertaining the mourning family. As such it is also a sign of the respect and importance enjoyed by the deceased.

Materials used are cloths with a long stick covered with the skin of a white sheep. Every dancer has two of those tied on their back and mounted around the waist.

The principal dancers are men but they are always joined by the women.

LECLARA has included this dance in its cultural presentation activities as it is unique in the Northern and Savannah regions of Ghana.