The capital of the West Gonja district -- and since 2019 also of the Savannah Region -- is the bustling and attractive town of Damongo, 16 km. south of Larabanga along Route 10. With a population of ca. 25.000, it is also an important education center, with numerous schools for children from all over the surrounding region.

Damongo is also the capital of the Gonja Kingdom Overlord -- Yabonwura -- and the Jakpa Palace, a center of Gonjan tradition, houses the Royal family.

The Palace and the town are themselves well worth a visit and the tours offered by your Larabanga guide will make sure that you have the chance to get a good impression of town life.

After a ca. 30 minute visit to the Palace, you will have some time to explore the interesting shops or visit the daily marketplace. Restaurants, caf├ęs and street food await you. (Try the roasted corn!) Banking services are also available in Damongo.

On Saturday mornings, there is a large and busy market just southeast of the town center. If you have the opportunity, don't miss it! Take our tour on Saturday from Mole or Larabanga. In addition to the Palace visit, enjoy wandering amid the crowds and exploring the stalls with their colorful wares.

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