The teacher-student ratio in the Larabanga Primary and Junior High schools lies well below the national average.  As a predictable result, children have much less chance of developing their potential.

LECLARA has taken steps to alleviate this situation.

You can become a teaching volunteer in Larabanga!

Your participation for up to two full months will provide or supplement instruction for primary and junior school students.

LECLARA provides volunteers with housing and meals for a very reduced rate of 50 GHS per day. (*as of 1. May 2023 ca.  €4,00; $US 4.25)

College students, retired persons, teachers on sabbaticals and others are invited to participate. Some previous teaching experience is  a prerequisite as is fluency in written and spoken English.

If you would like to know more about the program, contact Mr. Seidu of LECLARA (himself a head teacher in Larabanga), providing a brief letter of introduction, a short resumé and any other information you think would be relevant.