logo leclara small tr     LECLARA - "Legendary Club of Larabanga"

The goal of LECLARA is to present the local legends, customs and culture of Larabanga to both Ghanaian and foreign visitors. Larabanga has a long history, encompassing the periods of the Samori and Babatu conquests, well before the arrival of the notorious West African slave trade raiders.

LECLARA is dedicated to researching and recounting the real story of the indigenous population and correct existing – and at times, misinformed – images of the area and its people. We welcome all visitors to Mole National Park or elsewhere in the area to take the time to stop in Larabanga to learn about our history and fascinating traditions, presented by members of the LECLARA cooperative.


Larabanga is one among the many communities of the Gonja traditional area. Here, you will find the oldest Sudanese-style mosque in the West African coastal area. The Larabanga Mystic Stone is, as well, an important tourist attraction.

Within the framework of the worldwide growth of tourism, small-scale groups – such as clubs and community organizations -- have sprung up to conduct local research and promote attractions which might otherwise not receive their due recognition. In Larabanga, LECLARA (Legendary Club of Larabanga) has been founded with precisely this goal. Over and above the more well-known tourist sites mentioned above, LECLARA is engaged in developing additional touristic resources closely tied to the history, legends and traditions of the people of Larabanga. 


LECLARA is interested in presenting in developing additional tourist infrastructure in a manner consistent with the protection of our natural habitat, in close proximity to Mole National Park. We wish to promote the image of the village as a tourist center in its own right and compliment Mole’s attraction by researching the many facets of our local history and culture.


Our organization can provide benefits to:

  • Tourists – through the enrichment of their experience during their visit
  • Larabanga youth – by researching and understanding the history and traditions of their home, they develop an attachment to the village and an interest in its preservation and development. This is also the basis for generating their energy and imagination and thus creating new employment opportunities.
  • Larabanga community – by offering a broader range of attractions, increased tourism will bring increased wealth to the community as a whole. This will directly translate into more resources for the community’s benefit, especially for education and infrastructure improvements.


LECLARA is a small community organization with modest funding needs. At the current time, however, without additional support, it is difficult to envision substantial expansion of its activities. Donations are solicited but are forthcoming at only the most minimal level.


There are presently 11 persons formally recognized as members of LECLARA. New participants are always welcome.